Background Checks

  • All In One Drug Testing Services delivers the best and most reliable background checks and has the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs over time. By establishing ourselves as your trusted partner, we deliver reliable, complete, and current information, legal compliance with all applicable federal/state/local laws, unparalleled customer service, and the best overall value.


Workplace Drug Testing

It’s a fact that business owners are losing over $100 Billion per year due to substance abuse in the workplace. Our company provides laboratory and/or instant on-site drug tests to business owners who value implementing a drug testing program. All-in-One Drug Testing Services provides clients with the proper paperwork and local laboratory locations to send their employees (over 4,000 laboratories nationwide) for follow up testing.


Urine Drug Testing Services

All In One Drug Testing Services provide a wide ranges of drug testing services nationwide. We also provide 27 Hours 7 Days a Week drug testing services.


Teen Drug Testing Services

  • Drug abuse touches everyone. No one is immune from its effects. Our program is designed to educate and to discourage the use of drugs in the people we love. Opening the channels of communication between parents and adolescents is key to this process. For more information click


DNA / Paternity Testing

  • Our DNA Paternity tests are fast, easy to use, completely confidential and accurate – greater than 99.99% accurate! Our DNA/Paternity Testing partner has provided paternity tests for thousands of customers, and is recognized as a world leader in the science of DNA testing. We have a DNA test to help you find out the truth, regardless of your situation.
  • DOT Testing & Third Party Administrator Services


Hair Follicle Drug Testing

  • Hair Follicle Testing for drugs is the one of the only ways to get an in depth assessment of up to 90 days in the past to determine if someone has been using drugs. This is a great test for an employer or parent.


In-Home Drug Testing

  • Are you concerned that your child might be using drugs? You may be right!   has developed a home drug testing program for parents to use within the comfort and privacy of their own home to determine whether or not their children may be using drugs. All programs are shipped to your home with discreet packaging.


Steroid Testing

  • All-in-One Drug Testing Services offers a comprehensive and affordable steroid panel. Our steroid test is ideal for sports organizations, colleges and high schools. Corrections, law enforcement and occupational health agencies are using this panel too.


Mobile Onsite Drug Test

  • When All In One Drug Testing Services arrive to our client’s facility and conduct testing on the premises, our client has real-time reassurance that tests have been carried out as promised. Plus, your physical presence on-site helps cement your business relationship and demonstrates your commitment to personal attention for our client. Managers, business owners and HR personnel know that employees won’t be subjected to the inconvenience of travel time and lengthy waits at testing facilities; instead, we are on the spot to meet their needs and answer their questions.
  • A mobile solution can be implemented quick and easy.  Just a phone call away!


Instant Oral Drug Test

  • Detecting drug use with a saliva drug test kit is a clean and easy drug screening technique. Specimen can be collected simply while the donor is under observation, which makes it harder for the donor to tamper with the results. Oral fluid collection (for the test purpose) is much less invasive and embarrassing than urine drug testing.


Nail Drug Testing

  • Drugs and Toxins get deposited into the nails through the blood stream after the substances are ingested. The drug/toxin ingested will metabolize and can generally be identified in the nail tissue up to 4 to 6 months after ingestion, based on average growth rate.


Drug Detection Assessments

  • Our Drug Detection Specialists (D-Techs) are trained to use specially designed “wipe and spray” technology that allows us to detect drug residue on all types of surfaces. When an employee has handled illegal drugs, traces can be left on surfaces in your work environment by their fingers and hands.


 “Date Rape” Drugs

  • Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault Panel (aka “date rape” or “club” drugs)


Breath Alcohol Test

  • Alcohol abuse


Specialty Tests

  • Unknown substance analysis
  • Meconium Drug Test
  • Heavy Metals Exposure Tests