Mobile Onsite Drug Test

Mobile Drug Testing and Onsite Drug Testing Services

All In One Drug Testing Services is a full service mobile onsite drug testing company. We come to you and setup at your location.

You time is not only valuable to you, but it’s also value to All In One Drug Testing Services.  Our service model enables you to work smarter, not harder. You will find our prices to be extremely affordable and competitive!


All In One Drug Testing Services provides the following tests:

•Pre-Employment •Random •Post Accident •Reasonable Suspicion/Cause •Return to Duty •Follow-up •Breath Alcohol Test •DOT •Non DOT•K-2Test•Paternity Test• Steroid Test and more.


  • Employee does not have to leave company job-site
  • Employee can be tested in just 5 – 15 minutes
  • Employee-donor is always on-site collector’s #1 priority
  • Trained professionals to follow forensic procedures
  • Certified professionals
  • Convenient
  • Employer can choose Lab-based for their employee
  • Employer can choose Instant Drug Testing

Other Benefits:

  • Mobile testing solutions are attractive to clients for several reasons:
    • They reduce production downtime and wage loss.
    • They limit opportunities for test cheating.
    • They reduce the liability a company may incur when they require an employee to travel to a testing site.
    • They allow convenient scheduling of workforce testing during work hours.
    • They let companies easily schedule random testing to meet compliance needs.