FD-258 FBI Card Fingerprinting

All In One Drug Testing Services Employees are Certified as a Fingerprint Technician in accordance with Procedures.

We provides

• Ink Fingerprint Services.

All In One Breath Alcohol Testing Service, We Provide:

• Immigration processing for Visas, Mexican Immigration, Australian Immigration, Canadian Immigration, African Immigration, and more.
• FDIC contractors.
• FINRA Compliance for Financial Advisors, Investment Bankers and Securities Brokers/Agents.
• Pre-employment background checks.
• Insurance agents for licensing requirements.
• Mortgage Brokers/Agents requiring licensing in multiple states.
• Nurses, physicians and other medical personnel.
• Government contractors.
• CHL (firearms) classes and Process Server classes.
• SOB Compliance.
• Children mentorship programs and Child Safe Programs.
• Name changes and family documentation.
• Expunge past criminal records.
• Commercial and out of state Real Estate licenses.
• Adoption and Foster Parenting Agencies.
• Security Alarm monitoring companies.
• Attorneys/law firms.
• Retirement Homes and Assisted Living Centers.
• Ask about other situations needing fingerprinting!
• USPS Contract Workers
• And Etc…

Fingerprint Cards:

• FD-258 Card
o Federal Fingerprint Card (Licensed/Certified Direct Patient Care)
o Standard Criminal State and/or Federal Background

• FD-353 Card
o Personal Identification Card

We also provide mobile Fingerprint Technician Services. Call Now for more information about our Fingerprint Technician Services and Drug Testing Services at 704-969-5471.