Breath Alcohol Test

All In One Drug Testing Services Employees are Certified as a Professional Breath Alcohol Technician “BAT” in accordance with 49 CFR Part 40 of the US Department of Transportation’s Alcohol Testing Procedures.

All In One Breath Alcohol Testing Service, We Provide:

• Court Ordered Breath Alcohol Testing
• Employees Breath Alcohol Testing
• Mandated Breath Alcohol Testing
• Emergency Breath Alcohol Testing
• Individual Breath Alcohol Test
• Mobile Breath Alcohol Test

Breath Alcohol Equipment:

• DOT and NHTSA approval
• Software for DOT testing protocols
• Thermal PermAffix Label for wireless printing
• Automatic Alttide Adjustment Compensation
• Three part BAT Form for DOT
• Lifeloc Phenix 6.0 Portable Alcohol Testing Equipment
• New Individual wrapped mouth blow tub

We also provide mobile Breath Alcohol Testing Services. Call Now for more information about our Breath Alcohol Services and Drug Testing Services at 704-969-5471.