Paternity testing, personal or
legal, sibling testing, aunt/uncle,
grandparentage, prenatal.
We’ll come to you!

Meets WADA standards.
Appropriate for athletic
events and competitions.

Name brand tests at rock
bottom prices.
Save your company
100s of dollars on testing.
Urine, Oral or Hair Follicle.

Save 1000s of dollars on
employee fraud, negligence
and theft. Also appropriate for
landlords, preschools or any
business! Extensive records
reviews. This is not an
internet special. We are the real

Non-DOT testing is available,
too! Talk to us about instant
on-site tests or lab programs.
Either way, we’ll save you $$$.

Teen Drug Testing

Knowledge is power! We have
an excellent parent package with
drug education, parent
education and instant tests for
10 drugs, nicotine and alcohol.
Is YOUR child using? How do
you know?

We provide third party
administration services for all
Department of Transportation
Check out our rates!

Rapid Integrated

EZ Split Key Cup 

What We Do…

Background Checks

Workplace Drug Testing Program

In-Home Drug Testing

Instant On-Site Drug Testing

DNA/Paternity Testing


Breath Alcohol Testing "BAT"

Unknown Substance Analysis

Meconium Drug Test

Heavy Metals Exposure Tests

Steroid Testing (Teen, Athletics Department)

Please contact us to assist you in setting up a drug free workplace, school, home or etc… More


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